About Terry

Terry’s Story

Terry Ray has been a practicing healer for over 20 years, but was taught from guides since a child. The gifts and understanding of spiritual realms and dimensions grew, and the process of mastering her natural abilities and other worlds took many years while doing her healing and raising five children. Her goal is to meet you where you are at and to teach you to have the tools to gain understanding for your path and receive answers. There are no more gurus. It is within your potential to connect to spirit, source.

Terry’s Approach

Terry Ray assists people in creating and connecting to their sacred space within and outside of themselves through energy and shamanic work.  It is a collaborative healing process with clients to remove blocks, creating optimum health on all levels. This unites body, mind, and spirit to Source, God, Light and Love, which is within each person. As clients go deeper in their healing process, relationships and lives become balanced and healthy. As we learn to deal with our problems in a kind and compassionate way, our consciousness is increased and expanded to honor and preserve our surroundings and for all living things.  The spiritual and temporal worlds are open to see your uniqueness and qualities in order to fulfill your sacred creation.

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