Animal Healing

Animal Healing

When I went to homes, I noticed many pets came to me. At times the client was surprised because his or her pet did not like strangers. Pets spoke in their way to tell me a problem for them. I was able to work with the client and pet to work out the problem. Since this happened frequently, animal healing was incorporated into my practice. We are all connected energetically and opening those frequencies between the animal world and people are part of healing us and the earth.

An important part of Terry’s healing is working with animals. Just as the connections to other dimensions have thinned, so have the connection between animals and humans. It appears that all creation wants to come together for the healing of the earth, people, animals, and all of nature. We are all interconnected and our actions have an effect, seen and unseen. The connection between animals and humans are powerful, whether it is a pet or animals that live around you in nature.

Terry works with animals through an open approach being respectful in a nonassertive way. The healing process is to work with animals through communication, shamanic work, and energy healing. The animal has a choice to cross over an energetic passage created to communicate. Terry honors the animal as a client just as his or her human companion is a client.

Why an Animal Needs Healing:

• Help Behavior changes by reducing anxiety and stress
• Changes in temperament
• Loss of family or other animals in home
• An addition to a family
• Health issues
• New home
• Animals taking on human companion’s problems due to their deep bond
• Increases trust

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