Healing with Terry Ray

Whatever your beliefs, I work with you to heal and connect to your higher self. Within you is a powerful healing system that connects you to Source/God, which enables you to gain a higher understanding/knowledge to guide you in your life. The more connection you have within, the more you see the illusions of the world. You will also have a clarity to see love and light that radiates from all living and non-living on this earth and in other worlds. Your sense of community is redefined as we all are interconnected. You will gain greater compassion for yourself and others.

The energy and body work is done at your home or at an office. I also work with people throughout the world via Skype.


Energy Healing

My healing methods are described as shamanic, while releasing blocks and balance energy flow patterns in body and auras. You are unique and each healing is tailored to your gifts and soul work. All physical, emotional, and spiritual/soulful layers in the body are addressed.  These can go back to your family of origin or to past lives. Know that you are in control of the healing. What you are ready to heal and release will present itself so you can go deeper to a soulful place in relationships, work, and personal growth. As you continue to release energy and behaviors that no longer serve you, you connect more to your soul and to Source.

During a healing session, you lie down and relax, aware of your intentions and open to what you see, feel, and messages you receive. The actual healing will depend on what is needed for you at the time. My guides are in the room and those who want to be part of your healing are invited. It is approximately 45 minutes of healing and 15 minutes of consultation to discuss the healing.

Other Healing Services

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Shamanic Work


Animal Healing


Space Clearing