Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Since I was a small girl, I noticed distinctive energies whether in homes or in my surroundings. At times it affected me physically, so I learned to stay away from those places. My guides taught me to recognize and release the harmful energies as I continued to mature. I gained knowledge through the years that strengthened me physically and spiritually.

I have extensive experience clearing entities, demons, and possessions. I have experience clearing negative energies that are coming from the outside directed at the home or if the home is in the pathway of negative energy. This includes clearing opened negative portals.

People have always found ways to remove unwanted energy. The art of space clearing was practiced by ancient cultures; for example, bells ringing through the village cleared negative energy. So it is today, you may walk into a place and feel uneasy or heaviness. This may be due to anger and other emotions that linger in the room. Clearing your home keeps the energy flowing throughout the rooms.

I remove stuck energies; and in turn, generate positive energies from your intentions to create connection to loved ones and enhances growth. Each space or room can be powerfully transformed by your vision, such as creativity, peace, love, relaxation, connection, welcoming, clear intellect, harmony internally and externally; Therefore, being mindful of your intentions before space clearing is important.

How I Work

I come to your home, business, or property for space clearing. In addition I teach how to do the space clearing to the client, so the client is able to maintain a balanced energy in the home on a regular basis. My goal is to be able to teach clients, so they have the knowledge to create peaceful sanctuaries. 

Some Examples For Space Clearing:

• Negative energy or entities in the home, property, or business. • Recent illness, trauma, or emotional experiences • Remove residue • Raise vibration to attract positive outcomes in endeavors • Seal house to keep out negative or harmful energies. • Selling or purchasing a house • Spirit removal/depossession

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