Terry Ray assists people in creating and connecting to their sacred space within and outside of themselves through energy and shamanic work.

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Terry M Ray, MSW, LCSW


Terry has been healing sacred spaces both within and without for over 20 years.

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Space Clearing

The goal in space clearing is to create an atmosphere of abundance and creativity in your home, business, or property. It is the removal of stuck energies; and in turn, generates positive energies from your intentions to create connection to loved ones and enhance growth.

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If you feel called to create a ritual or ceremony, Terry will work collaboratively with you, using guidance from dreams, intuition, and shamanic journeys to allow you to meet the situation in the best way possible. These rituals and ceremonies brings families closer whether through birth or death process or spiritual death and rebirth.


Animal Healing

Terry works with animals through an open approach being respectful in a nonassertive way. The healing process is to work with animals through communication, shamanic work, and energy healing. The animal has a choice to cross over an energetic passage created to communicate. Terry honors the animal as a client just as his or her human companion is a client.

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Working With Terry

“The first thing that struck me when I met Terry was the amount of knowledge and deep connection to the spirit world she possesses – Truly is a gift!! Also the calm guidance and never-ending patience she shows me during my different inner journeys. In previous led meditations the guide has often, what feels like rushed my true inner images, not letting me sense emotion or really experience what I’m seeing, but with Terry, I’m the captain of a glorious adventure in spirit world, feeling safe and confident to continue to explore and expand my inner self. Forever grateful!!!!”

Katrina Persson, Sweden