Shamanic Work

My Shamanic Practice

I teach people how to journey, so they have the tools to receive their own answers, knowledge, and wisdom. This empowers them to connect their spirit/soul to Source/God, in order to strive to be one with Source. We are individuals, but all connected to a higher power to help guide us to life. We receive the answers we need as we follow our soulful journey on this earth and beyond.

Shamanic work is the ability to enter into an altered states of consciousness being in full control of moving in and out of different states.  As a mediator between worlds, I endeavor to help create balance within and maintain balance in community, nature, and in the spirit realms. What occurs in our world also affects all realms and other worlds since we are interconnected.

My shamanic work uses drumming or a rattle to the journey creating a Theta brainwave state, which exists between awake and sleep, and a deep spiritual connection is experienced. I do not use herbals such as ayahuasca. I find your body becomes a light portal as you continue your deeper healing, which in turn, connects you to Source/God to gain understanding and wisdom.

There are others who use herbs if that is what you feel you need in your healing process.

Helping Spirits

Spirit guides or power animals, which include plants and insectoids, who guide and assist through the other worlds and assist in healing individuals, communities, and planet. They keep you safe during the journey.

Power Animals

Every person is born with one of more spirit animals and they remain throughout life and with the person through death. They are protectors and guides, who teach their wisdom and traits. Other power animals come to you as needed or you can have more than one power animal.

Spirit Guides

They are teachers, protectors, and a companion. It takes time to build trust in the relationship. They come in many forms whether humanoid, ancestors, gods and goddesses willing to help.


Spirits communicate in a higher state or frequency than verbal communication we are taught. There is no separation between guides, spirits, and power animals since all are from light and love, so sometimes images show or a knowing or understanding comes to your mind. Then interpreting the knowledge or wisdom into your language for your benefit your interactions with individuals, communities, and global community.

Causes of Illness

There are many causes that affect different chakra areas of the body through a loss or disharmony, fear, and soul loss, which in turn affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Dying and Death

Journeys can also include travel to where the souls who died dwell in order for healing of relationships or understanding.  Part of dying and death is psychopomp, which is guiding the souls of  recently deceased to where they are to go.  I have traveled with people who died and escorted them to those who are waiting for them in the afterlife. I then return back to my body. Many times people have been scared or there are other reasons for not wanting to cross over, so lovingly cross with them.

Past Lives

Sometimes it is important to know what you have experienced in past lives. Journey to past lives help with understanding of situations in this life. Also, clearing or cutting past life cords from past lives may be needed to move forward in present life.

Soul Retrieval

We start with small pieces of separation of soul pieces first and when ready soul retrieval is performed. Separation of soul occurs during traumas, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and situations where one does not feel safe.

Reasons for journeys to lower world, middle world and upper worlds is for healing, hidden knowledge, gaining wisdom and understanding of self, community, earth and other worlds. On the return from the journey the experience is discussed and the person is helped to integrate his or her experience of what wisdom and healing occurred for understanding and healing.

I would love to help you
on your healing journey.

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